“Welcome to World Building” workshop with Jason Fischer – May 20, 2017

Coming soon at the SA Writers Centre – my world-building workshop is always great fun to run, and people always leave brimming with ideas for stories. If you’re interested in creating a fictional world, this workshop is for you! Suitable for all ages.


Do you dream of creating your own written universe where all the rules are made by you? Are you imagining a world of dragons, or a space station where aliens meet and trade? If so then Aurealis Award-winning writer Jason Fischer will guide you through the steps needed to create your own world and setting, either to kickstart your own stories and comics, or just for fun.

This workshop is a hands on and interactive way to learn how to build worlds with words, and will involve drawing maps, creating creatures, and talking about the natural laws observed by writers when creating their fantasy settings.

Cost: Full price $90 / Members $60 (Login to register with the Member Price)


Suitable for beginners and writers at any level interested in learning creative ways to enhance their world building skills.


Jason Fischer has won an Aurealis Award and the Writers of the Future Contest, and his writing has been included on multiple awards shortlists including the Aurealis, Ditmars and the Australian Shadows Awards. He is the author of dozens of short stories, with a novel, a collection, comics and computer game also under his belt. He enjoys karaoke and loves puns more than life itself.


‘Fun and interactive. We need this type of workshop more often!’ – May 2016

‘I really enjoyed the interaction with fellow writers in the room.’ – May 2016

Price: A$90.00

Start Time: 2:00 pm End Time: 5:00 pm

Date: May 20, 2017

Address: SA Writers Centre Level 2 187 Rundle Street Adelaide, SA 5000 Australia

Registration details are here:



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