Today, Quiver goes LIVE

Hi folks,

Well, it’s all official-like. My first full-length novel “Quiver” is now officially on sale, and available both in hard-copy and as an e-book. Publisher Baden Kirgan at Black House Comics has put together a stunning new website for the book, the aptly titled:

This, for the uninitiated, is the name of my tough-as-nails protagonist. The girl with the dead-eye aim, putting arrows into zombie brains. This book has been a long time coming, and it actually took a few years to get to this point. Starting off as four connected novellas (from the “After the World” series), I’ve done my best to tie these together into one coherent novel, in the grand SF tradition of “fix-up” novels.┬áThis should be appearing in book-stores soon, and there’ll hopefully be an official launch of “Quiver” at some point in the near future.

Huge thanks to those who helped me with the behind the scenes work on this story (especially Jason Franks), and big kudos to Baden Kirgan and Julie Ditrich at Black House Comics – they’ve moved mountains to get this thing going.

If you like zombies with your YA, and if you’ve enjoyed books such as The Hunger Games and the Passage, “Quiver” might just be the book for you. Tell your friends, and I’d count it as a personal favour if you added the following nifty banner thing to your blogs and such:!promote/c14vf

Finally, I’m going to also be releasing this book as a Scott Sigler style podcast/audio-book…more details soon!

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