The House of Nameless – The Opera

In “The House of Nameless”, a dinner at a minotaur’s house brings an unwelcome intruder. Raoul Mithras, god of both the old, One-Way-World and the surreal, chaotic world that replaced it, is forced to pursue and old foe across a surreal landscape to prevent the reawakening of the One-Way-World – if he is not destroyed first.

I was fortunate enough to write this story a few years ago, and “The House of Nameless” has brought me a lot of joy. Not only did I get to dip my toe into surrealist fantasy writing, I won the Writers of the Future contest and got to go to America on a Big Adventure. Now, just to prove that this is the story that keeps on giving, my brilliant friend Laura E. Goodin is now adapting Nameless into an opera libretto. A blues opera, no less, and colour me bloody excited on that front!

Laura is a dear friend, and can write like nobody’s business. She has a wonderful literary sensibility, and whenever she puts her words to something you can immediately tell that she’s just having a damn good time. Proving she is ever the renaissance woman, this isn’t the first time she’s converted a story into a stage production, and I can rest assured that Raoul, Nameless and friends are all in capable hands. She’s writing this project as part of the Clarion West Write-A-Thon, and can be sponsored at the following page:

Some more information about the project can be found on this press release:

And for those of you who want to read the original short story of “The House of Nameless” – hey, lookie here!

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