The Echo of Midnight, and a Tusk to the FACE.

Hey folks, just a quick spot of pimpage. Issue #8 of Midnight Echo is now available for pre-order, and it’s got an absolutely STUNNING line-up. Do yourself a favour and grab the hard-copy, it promises to be a ripping read.

Also, over at review site Thirteen O’ Clock, Andrew McKiernan discusses the inaugural issue of Terra Magazine. The latest foray from Black House Comics is just plain fun (think early 2000AD), and I’m lucky enough to have the first chapter of my serialised novel “Tusk” therein. Of Tusk, Andrew says:

“Still in keeping with the serialised nature of the magazine, “Tusk” plumbs the Golden Age of genre fiction with something that could have come right out of an early 70s issue of Analog. “Tusk” is straight prose — with a few Rhys James illustrations sprinkled throughout — of the sort that Mr Fischer has become well known for: tight, well written, original and more than a little bit gonzo. “Tusk” is The Planet of the Pachyderms with a healthy dash of Robert E Howard thrown in. A post-apocalyptic world run by a civilisation of war-like elephants. Talking warrior elephants, no less. Who enslave humans. And they wear ‘swords’ on their tusks! Count me in! Not only are the battle scenes tremendous, but there are hints of a much deeper story developing here. I very much look forward to reading more of “Tusk” in future issues.”

Thanks Andrew! You could say that “Tusk” is the ultimate trunk story :-) the rest of his review can be read here:

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