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Of a broken Smashwords, and an attempted workaround

Be it by design or accident, the e-book purveyors known as Smashwords are now charging 1c/copy for all free titles downloaded via Apple.
I’ve regrettably had to put a price onto my short story “The House of Nameless” but here’s a coupon dealy that will let you still get it for free. Hope that gets around that little conundrum! Coupon is LT73J, let me know if you have any trouble.

“The House of Nameless” can still be downloaded here – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/43525

The House of Nameless – The Opera

In “The House of Nameless”, a dinner at a minotaur’s house brings an unwelcome intruder. Raoul Mithras, god of both the old, One-Way-World and the surreal, chaotic world that replaced it, is forced to pursue and old foe across a surreal landscape to prevent the reawakening of the One-Way-World – if he is not destroyed first.

I was fortunate enough to write this story a few years ago, and “The House of Nameless” has brought me a lot of joy. Not only did I get to dip my toe into surrealist fantasy writing, I won the Writers of the Future contest and got to go to America on a Big Adventure. Now, just to prove that this is the story that keeps on giving, my brilliant friend Laura E. Goodin is now adapting Nameless into an opera libretto. A blues opera, no less, and colour me bloody excited on that front!

Laura is a dear friend, and can write like nobody’s business. She has a wonderful literary sensibility, and whenever she puts her words to something you can immediately tell that she’s just having a damn good time. Proving she is ever the renaissance woman, this isn’t the first time she’s converted a story into a stage production, and I can rest assured that Raoul, Nameless and friends are all in capable hands. She’s writing this project as part of the Clarion West Write-A-Thon, and can be sponsored at the following page:


Some more information about the project can be found on this press release:


And for those of you who want to read the original short story of “The House of Nameless” – hey, lookie here!


2011 Ditmar Awards Shortlists

I went offline for a few days, and returned to see that the 2011 Ditmar Awards Shortlists have been released into the wild. Lots of great works, and like the recent Aurealis shortlists it looks like a solid selection in all categories. Even cooler, my Writers of the Future winning short story “The House of Nameless” has been shortlisted in the Best Short Story category

Best Short Story
* “All the Love in the World”, Cat Sparks (Sprawl, Twelfth Planet Press)
* “Bread and Circuses”, Felicity Dowker (Scary Kisses, Ticonderoga Publications)
* “One Saturday Night With Angel”, Peter M. Ball (Sprawl, Twelfth Planet Press)
* “She Said”, Kirstyn McDermott (Scenes From the Second Storey, Morrigan Books)
* “The House of Nameless”, Jason Fischer (Writers of the Future XXVI)
* “The February Dragon”, Angela Slatter and Lisa L. Hannett (Scary Kisses, Ticonderoga Publications)

And even better, every single person in this category is a peep or a buddy of mine, with strong samples of their writing represented in the short-list. It’s just too close to call, but the good news is, I’m gonna be happy for someone no matter what the result :-)

The complete shortlist can be found here, and I gotta say, right across the board it’s a beauty.


Congratulations to everyone who rated a mention, commiserations to those who missed out. And many, many thanks to those who put my story forward in their nomination form, it’s great to know that folks enjoyed it enough to enter it into the Ditmars. The free e-book version of “The House of Nameless” can still be found here, for those attendees who are looking at their form and trying to suss out their final vote: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/43525

Thanks again! :-)

“The House of Nameless” now available as a free e-book

My Writers of the Future winning story “The House of Nameless” is now available on Smashwords as a free e-book, available in several different formats. While I’ve ostensibly released this free version onto the world for Ditmar reasons (with the full blessing of the publishers at Galaxy Press) it’s also my trial run at formatting and managing an e-book. It’s also quite hard to get hold of the WOTF anthologies in Australian stores, so if anyone’s interested in seeing the type of story that gets into the book, here is one example. These anthologies are all available through Amazon, and now via Kindle as well – they also contain many words of wisdom from the best-selling judges, which are well worth the small download fee. If you want a hard copy, you will generally have to order these in (hence this e-book experiment to raise some 11th hour awareness of my story). 

This story can be downloaded here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/43525

If you enjoyed “The House of Nameless” and want to consider nominating it for this year’s Ditmar Awards, the form can be found here: http://ditmars.sf.org.au/2011/nominations.html . There are oodles of other most worthy works that you may also want to nominate, an almost exhaustive list can be found at the following wiki: http://wiki.sf.org.au/2011_Ditmar_eligibility_list