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Another review of The Glorious Aerybeth (from On Spec #97)

And what a review! Eamonn Murphy from SF Crows Nest had this to say about my story:

‘The Glorious Aerybeth’ by Jason Fischer is one of those superb Science Fiction stories that you come across once in a blue moon. The Glorious Aerybeth, named after the Empress, is a gigantic organic starship fuelled by flesh and blood which it obtains by scouring the surface of planets and eating every living thing thereon. The race that crews it has a ruthless, hierarchical society. The Empress has an interest in archaeology and has sent our hero, Gannet, to halt the ship’s operations and investigate the planet it’s about to scour. Captain Orace resents this as he has a quota to fill and shareholders to keep satisfied. Combining an original premise, fascinating aliens with an intriguing culture and a few neat plot twists, this is an excellent piece of work. It’s the best hard Science Fiction short story I’ve read this year and should be up for awards.”

Thanks Eamonn! We aim to please – this review has really made my day :-)

The rest of the review can be read at the following link:


On Spec Magazine “The Glorious Aerybeth” by Jason Fischer

onspeccover On Spec Magazine are Canada’s premier speculative fiction magazine, and their latest issue has just been released into the wild like a moose on a maple-syrup powered dirt-bike, busting mad moves in the pristine forest and just daring you to look at him funny. Ahem.

In this issue, my story “The Glorious Aerybeth” can be found. It’s a pure science fiction story (which is unusual for me to write) and I had oodles of fun writing it. Blood-ships trawling the galaxy looking for murder and profit…a disgraced noble sent on an archeological dig…a thunderous mutiny, and the ultimate fall from grace.

You can read the magazine as an e-book here, and a print version will soon be available here or where magazines are sold.