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Aurealis Magazine #49 Now Available

The good folks at Aurealis have just released issue #49 into the e-wilds, which contains Sean McMullen’s story “The First Boat”, as well as my own dystopian piece “Rolling for Fetch”. The issue is chock-full of reviews and other goodies, and Adam Duncan’s illustration of my story is just stunning. I couldn’t be happier :-)

The magazine can be found at the following link for now, but it will soon appear on Amazon and other e-markets:


In further good news…

I just sold my story “Rolling for Fetch” to Aurealis Magazine. This will be appearing in issue #49.

“The drive train went underneath the muscle itself, something like the innards of an old clock, a mesh of gears and cogs. Then the winder cranks, one in each leg, protruding between the peroneus longus and the tibialis anterior, reminding the world that anyone mad enough to actually go through with this was not a human now. More a wind-up toy with a death-wish.

Finally, a pair of wheels were connected to the bottom of the rig, hooked up to the drive-train dangling from each bleeding leg. The most popular option was a pneumatic tyre with knobbly grip, one foot in diameter, filled with smart-gel to ward off punctures, magic goop to heal over little nicks and tears.

Good suspension was a must.

When Whip survived this procedure, shook off the inevitable infection, unlearnt the life-long art of walking and earnt his gangdanna, he had the right to call himself a skeg.”

More info about Aurealis Magazine here: http://www.aurealis.com.au/