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Of launches and a pub full of rotters!

Wow, what a great weekend! Saturday started with the book launch for my new collection “EVERYTHING IS A GRAVEYARD”, which was great. Nice turn-out of locals at the SA Writers Centre, and the lovely Lisa Hannett did the honour of launching my book. She did an amazing job of analysing my stories and proved once more that she really REALLY knows her stuff. book_signingHere we see the author inserting the obligatory pun into his signature.


 A fat stack of books with my name on the cover! Cool!

A few hours after the Adelaide launch, the Ticonderoga Publications road-show hit the airport, and we went straight over to Melbourne (via the Virgin Lounge – free food and everything!). We caught up with the lovely Angela Rega after her booklaunch (Her ”The Cobbler Mage” is an absolutely gorgeous book, BTW – marbling on the in-leaf pages and everything).

Sunday brought us to the the inaugural Melbourne Zombie Convention. The event was sold out, and 600 guests converged on the Royal Melbourne Hotel, decked out as zombies, zombie-hunters, and the occasional bemused “normal”.

Sold a bunch of books (both “Everything is a Graveyard” and my zombie novel “Quiver”), chatted to heaps of folks, caught up with many excellent writers and publishers, and even sat on a panel with other writers to talk all things undead in literature. Had an absolute ball, and even got quoted in The Age:


Many thanks to Russell B Farr and Liz Grzyb of Ticonderoga Publications for taking a leap of faith on my book, and for making this brilliant weekend happen. One very happy author, signing off.

michonne Michonne (excellent  Walking Dead cosplay) buys my books!


 The bad-ass Ticonderoga crew. Most excellent publishers Russell Farr and Liz Grzyb, and yours truly.


Some rotten bugger I bumped into.

Melbourne Zombie Convention

The Melbourne Zombie Convention is imminent! I shall be in attendance, signing copies of “Everything is a Graveyard” and no doubt chatting to many awesome folks. If you are shambling along to this event, make sure to stop by and say hello!

More information on the Melbourne Zombie Convention can be found here, it looks like a truly excellent event: