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Drusilla the Ditmar Diprotodon, Part Deux

“Hey you! Nominate my boy, or I’ll slap you upside the head with my swagger stick!”

Of course, Drusilla the Ditmar Diprotodon is my friend first and foremost. So when I called on her to help me pimp my own work for this year, why she slapped on her purple pimp hat quicker than you can say “giant marsupial”.

Without further ado, here are my eligible works for the 2013 Ditmar Awards, as endorsed by Drusilla the Ditmar Diprotodon.


Quiver, Jason Fischer, Black House Comics


“Pigroot Flat”, Jason Fischer, in Midnight Echo 8

“Rolling for Fetch”, Jason Fischer, in Aurealis 49

Also, Drusilla would like to make a special mention of the following:


Kathleen Jennings for “The Tamsyn Webb Sketchbook”


There are literally OODLES of other eligible works, as listed here:


And details about the nomination process can be found here:


Good luck with your nomination!

Thus Spake Drusilla the Ditmar Diprotodon

Some of you might remember last year when I introduced you to Drusilla, the Ditmar Diprotodon. This time-travelling spokesmammal of Australian SF has apparently remained in our time-stream, mostly for the fiction. Rumours of the secret megafauna invasion are still largely exaggerated and (for now) she is an ambassador of literature and peace. Today, she joins me on the Fisch-blog to talk about all things Ditmar.

JF: Hi Drusilla the Ditmar Diprotodon, thanks for stopping by.

DDD: My pleasure, Jason. Thanks for the huge bushel of vegetation.

JF: I’d do the same for any of my guests. Now, my sources tell me that you’re a passionate advocate of the Ditmar Awards.

DDD: Indeed. I think it’s wonderful to reward creative minds. We had a similar popular-vote award back in the Pleistocene Epoch, “The Mammal’s Choice Award”. Though our categories were more along the lines of Best Survivor, Species Viability, Most Effective Predator and the like. We still had a Fan Art category though.

JF: Megafauna are nothing if not organised. So, Drusilla, do you know who you are nominating in this year’s Ditmar Awards?

DDD: Oh yes! I’ve perused the 2013 Ditmar Eligibility List and cobbled together a list of my favourite books, novellas, short stories and even some reviews and podcasts that I got into last year. The beauty of the Ditmar is that I can nominate as many things in as many categories as I like. You don’t dilute or divide your nomination by doing so.

JF: So, if you were a creative type nominating your own work (which is okay to do) it doesn’t hurt you at all to list other works in the same category?

DDD: Indeed. You’re a mug if you don’t. I think that this mechanism effectively neutralises any self-touting – by the time the self-nominations are tallied up, the real results would come from the additional “I also liked this stuff” nominations.

JF: So, you’re saying the system works?

DDD: I know the Ditmars are not without their own controversies. Nary a year goes by without some sort of battle royale about the results, accusations of bloc voting, all of that drama. It reminds me in many ways of the “Mammal’s Choice Award” of 50,000 BCE. Brutor the Marsupial Lion was accused by many of rigging the vote for Most Effective Predator, but it turned out he really was the Most Effective Predator, as numerous corpses attested to.

JF: So do you think there was bloc voting, both now and then?

DDD: Probably. But that’s the law of the savana. No doubt many of Brutor’s relatives put their paws to the ballot, but it was probably a statistical blip when compared to the other terrified votes. At least the result was accurate! The Ditmar nomination process resembles a circus of touting and enormous lists of eligible works, but I think it’s a necessary process. After the initial flurry of activity, the overall numbers would float to the surface, and then the most representative value appears on that final ballot paper.

JF: I heard mention that you were frustrated by one of the rules?

DDD: Yes. As a fan, I was stymied by rule 4.1 “Nominations will be accepted only from natural persons active in fandom”. Stupid homo sapiens, of course you try to keep the fun all to yourselves. But ultimately I got around it by signing up to each Natcon, and I quote “or from full or supporting members of the national convention of the year of the award.”

JF: That’s clever.

DDD: [munching sounds]

JF: We need another wheelbarrow of lettuce in here.

Ditmar Awards Pimpage – With Megafauna

Once again, the Aussie SF awards season bears down on us, much like a time-travelling hyper-intelligent diprotodon. It could be establishing a beach-head for a megafauna invasion, but it’s much more comforting to imagine this hippo-sized wombat is merely visiting. Perhaps to sample the local genre writing, nominate its favourite reads from 2011, and perhaps convince the Parliament of Ancient Marsupials that our culture is worth preserving.

“Don’t worry, I’m totally legit” – Drusilla, the Ditmar Diprotodon

 Nominations have just opened for the 2012 Ditmar Awards, Australia’s version of the Hugos. Until May 13th, “natural persons active in fandom, or from full or supporting members of the national convention of the year of the award” can submit nominations in the various categories. Sorry Drusilla. It’s probably for the best that the megafauna are exempt from this process (unless they sign up for the Natcon, which seems a handy loophole) .

Nomination forms are here: http://ditmars.sf.org.au/2012/nominations.html

Ditmar rules are here: http://wiki.sf.org.au/Ditmar_rules

And a staggeringly huge list of potential nominees can be found here, with the caveat that some of the listings might not be valid or in the correct categories: http://wiki.sf.org.au/2012_Ditmar_eligibility_list

In keeping with the ancient traditions of fandom (according to microfiche brought to the present day by Drusilla the Ditmar Diprotodon), here is a list of my eligible work. For information only, you should of course only nominate the people and works from 2011 that most rocked your socks.

Best Novella/Novelette:

After the World: Corpus Christi (After the World #4, Black House Comics)

Best Short Story:

A Clockwork Arthur (After the World #3, Black House Comics)

Eating Gnashdal (Anywhere But Earth, Couer De Lion)

Hunting Rufus (Midnight Echo #5, AHWA)

Goggy (Midnight Echo #5, AHWA)

‘Twas a quiet year at Fisch Industries, but in my defence I was writing lots of novel and novella length things :-) If you want to read any of these works, send me a message/email/carrier pigeon and I’ll do my best to hook you up.

Rock the vote!

2011 Ditmar Awards Shortlists

I went offline for a few days, and returned to see that the 2011 Ditmar Awards Shortlists have been released into the wild. Lots of great works, and like the recent Aurealis shortlists it looks like a solid selection in all categories. Even cooler, my Writers of the Future winning short story “The House of Nameless” has been shortlisted in the Best Short Story category

Best Short Story
* “All the Love in the World”, Cat Sparks (Sprawl, Twelfth Planet Press)
* “Bread and Circuses”, Felicity Dowker (Scary Kisses, Ticonderoga Publications)
* “One Saturday Night With Angel”, Peter M. Ball (Sprawl, Twelfth Planet Press)
* “She Said”, Kirstyn McDermott (Scenes From the Second Storey, Morrigan Books)
* “The House of Nameless”, Jason Fischer (Writers of the Future XXVI)
* “The February Dragon”, Angela Slatter and Lisa L. Hannett (Scary Kisses, Ticonderoga Publications)

And even better, every single person in this category is a peep or a buddy of mine, with strong samples of their writing represented in the short-list. It’s just too close to call, but the good news is, I’m gonna be happy for someone no matter what the result :-)

The complete shortlist can be found here, and I gotta say, right across the board it’s a beauty.


Congratulations to everyone who rated a mention, commiserations to those who missed out. And many, many thanks to those who put my story forward in their nomination form, it’s great to know that folks enjoyed it enough to enter it into the Ditmars. The free e-book version of “The House of Nameless” can still be found here, for those attendees who are looking at their form and trying to suss out their final vote: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/43525

Thanks again! :-)

Datlow Honorable Mention list & last minute Ditmar touting

Ellen Datlow has just released the extended Honorable Mention list from her reading for Best Horror of the Year Vol 3. I was very pleased to see my story “gunning for a tinkerman” (Aurealis #44) rated a mention, and was also happy to see several of my esteemed colleagues and buddies land on the same list with their own pieces. I won’t run out a laundry list, there’s just too many of them :-) you know who you are!

The complete list is here http://ellen-datlow.livejournal.com/334109.html & here http://ellen-datlow.livejournal.com/334359.html . As always I’m astounded at just how much short fiction Ellen Datlow reads every year, she’s the very definition of a voracious reader.

So hey, the emergence of this list is some pretty good timing, seeing as the nomination period for the Ditmar Awards is about to close. If you enjoyed “gunning for a tinkerman” or any of my other stories, please feel free to fire up this handy nomination form and list it (along with any other Aussie works you found worthy – there’s quite a few on Ellen’s list amongst other places). Form here: http://ditmars.sf.org.au/2011/nominations.html

Here is my complete list of eligible works, for your information: http://jasonfischer.com.au/?p=478

And a final reminder, my Writers of the Future winning story “The House of Nameless” can still be downloaded for free via this link: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/43525. It’s had a massive spike in downloads over the last few days, which can only be a good thing. Really happy with how well this is doing (and yes, this is also eligible for Best Short Story in the Ditmars, should you be so inclined).

Award of the State

Many congrats to this year’s winners of the Ditmar and Hugo Awards!  A great year for SF and Australian SF in particular, and it was great to see many folks I admire walking away with well-deserved trophies.  Congrats to everyone of course, but special kudos go out to Peter M Ball, Cat Sparks, Robert Hood and Paul Haines, you bunch of magnificent bastards.


And some great wins here, especially happy that Bridesicle got the gong for Best Short Story.  Magnificent stuff!


A real shame I missed the party in Melbourne, looks like the Worldcon was great fun :-( sigh.  Apparently a bunch of mags and anthos got launched on the weekend, and I’m watching my mail-box with bated breath, especially for the Fisch-based zombie kangaroo that graces the cover of ASIM #46.