It’s Officially Official…

…my debut short story collection “EVERYTHING IS A GRAVEYARD” is, as of today, officially released in all markets. There was a book launch and sales of the book at the Melbourne Zombie Convention, but now, it’s open season on this mad epistle.

Direct from my brain to your hands, you will thrill at the troubles of  minotaurs, and death come shambling, crying, laughing to your door. The beasts of the Outback, now murderous and cunning. Arcologies, mouldering in the twilight of humanity. Lastly, do not forget the muscle cars, tearing through dead cities, burning through the last of the fuel with style.

Don’t just listen to my obviously biased bleatings. Here’s what some others have to say about my new book:

“If you haven’t been reading Jason Fischer, your literary diet is lacking in zest, zing, and essential vitamins. ‘Undead Camels Ate Their Flesh’ is alone worth the price of admission here.” – Gardner Dozois

“Without a doubt Everything is a Graveyard contains a wealth of left-field undead storytelling. But that’s not the whole story. Fischer’s apocalyptic obsessions cover much wider ground than that, from sheer fantasy to the realism of the ever-present threat of dropbears. If zombie tropes, and indeed all apocalypse stories, are about our personal and social attitudes to mortality (and they are), Fischer explores the personal and social absurdities and profundities like few before him.” – Robert Hood

You can buy this book RIGHT NOW. Either through Amazon, or directly from Ticonderoga Publications. May you read, and enjoy :-)

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