Fisch Industries: The Current State of Play

So we find ourselves in 2013. The world did not end, which was fortunate – it turns out I can continue to write about the world ending with complete impunity. Huzzah!

I’ve had a small break from writing and scratched my video game itch. The only problem being that Fallow February is completely out of synch with everything else, and will most likely reappear as Fallow August. Because this February, and for the next few months, it’s nose to the grindstone.

So what’s going on?

a) My first novel Quiver is now on sale. I’m hoping to officially launch this at Conflux, and am currently pimping it hither and yon. If you liked novels like the Hunger Games and the Passage, and dig yourself some sweet zombie action, why not give it a try? ;-)

b) I met recently with Russ and Liz of Ticonderoga Publications, the publishers of my forthcoming publication “Everything is a Graveyard”. Writing of new stories for this collection has now begun in earnest, and the titular story is going to be Tonnes of Fun. Toranas, dropbears, steam tractors and more. I’m also planning to write a new Jesusman short story for consideration in the anthology, and revise a new story that I wrote at Writers of the Future. That’s just for starters.

c) Was invited to send in a pitch to a Secret Embargoed Thing, which I have beavered away on over the last month or so. A very cool shared universe, and if it all goes ahead I’ll be as pleased as the proverbial pig in poop.

d) If I get a spare moment, I’m hoping to start work on a new YA novel that I’ve been outlining. Working title is Ripley Quarterquick, and the tagline is “Oliver Twist Meets Real Steel”

So that’s the state of play here at Fisch Industries. No rest for the wicked! :-)

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