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  1. Hi Jason,

    Just wanted to say hi as I too am Jason Fisher…just without the C. Hope to track down Quiver so I’ve read a book by Jason Fis(c)her!! Cheers, Jason

  2. Hey Jason,

    Purchased Quiver at your (Adelaide) Dymocks book signing a few weeks, and just wanted to say I loved reading it, as did my partner. You described it as “Hunger Games meets zombie apocalypse” and all I can say is that putting your book on the same level as Hunger Games is doing it a great injustice – yours was a much better read! Please keep writing. You most definitely have a fan :)

    1. Hey Yvette!

      Yay! I’m so pleased that you folks enjoyed my book. Means the world to me when a reader takes the time to tell me so, thanks heaps :-)

      Writing up a storm at the moment, all going well I’ll have finished two new novels over the next year or so. Busy times at the keyboard! Ooh, before I forget, I’ve got a collection of short stories coming out in October called “Everything is a Graveyard” (Ticonderoga Publications) – plenty of zombie offerings here!

      Thanks again, hope you have a lovely day,

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