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Table of Contents announced for The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2011

Some great news – alongside a swag of my peers and colleagues, one of my stories will be appearing in the Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2011. This will be “Hunting Rufus”, which first appeared in Midnight Echo #5. Congratulations everybody, if it’s anything like the last volume it will be top-shelf. Kudos to everyone at Ticonderoga Publications, especially Talie and Liz, experts at herding kittens (aka authors) with their spaghetti lassos.

And just LOOK at that cover. Gorgeous!


Ticonderoga Publications are delighted to announce the line-up of the second volume of The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror.

Liz Grzyb and Talie Helene have compiled 32 fantastic stories and poems first published in 2011, from New Zealand’s and Australia’s finest writers.

The contents are:

  • Peter M Ball “Briar Day” (Moonlight Tuber)
  • Lee Battersby “Europe After The Rain” (After the Rain, Fablecroft Press)
  • Deborah Biancotti “Bad Power” (Bad Power, Twelfth Planet Press)
  • Jenny Blackford “The Head in the Goatskin Bag” (Kaleidotrope)
  • Simon Brown “Thin Air” (Dead Red Heart, Ticonderoga Publications)
  • David Conyers and David Kernot “Winds Of Nzambi” (Midnight Echo #6, AHWA)
  • Stephen Dedman “More Matter, Less Art” (Midnight Echo #6, AHWA)
  • Sara Douglass & Angela Slatter “The Hall of Lost Footsteps” (The Hall of Lost Footsteps, Ticonderoga Publications)
  • Felicity Dowker “Berries & Incense” (More Scary Kisses, Ticonderoga Publications)
  • Terry Dowling “Dark Me, Night You” (Midnight Echo #5, AHWA)
  • Jason Fischer “Hunting Rufus” (Midnight Echo #5, AHWA)
  • Christopher Green “Letters Of Love From The Once And Newly Dead” (Midnight Echo #5, AHWA)
  • Paul Haines “The Past Is A Bridge Best Left Burnt” (The Last Days of Kali Yuga, Brimstone Press)
  • Lisa L Hannett “Forever, Miss Tapekwa County” (Bluegrass Symphony, Ticonderoga Publications)
  • Richard Harland “At The Top Of The Stairs” (Shadows and Tall Trees #2, Undertow Publications)
  • John Harwood “Face To Face” (Ghosts by Gaslight, HarperCollins)
  • Pete Kempshall “Someone Else To Play With” (Beauty Has Her Way, Dark Quest Books)
  • Jo Langdon “Heaven” (After the Rain, Fablecroft Press)
  • Maxine McArthur “The Soul of the Machine” (Winds of Change, CSFG)
  • Ian McHugh “The Wishwriter’s Wife” (Daily Science Fiction)
  • Andrew J McKiernan “Love Death” (Aurealis #45, Chimaera Publications)
  • Kirstyn McDermott “Frostbitten” (More Scary Kisses, Ticonderoga Publications)
  • Margaret Mahy “Wolf Night” (The Wilful Eye – Tales From the Tower #1, Allen & Unwin)
  • Anne Mok “Interview with the Jiangshi” (Dead Red Heart, Ticonderoga Publications)
  • Jason Nahrung “Wraiths” (Winds of Change, CSFG)
  • Anthony Panegyres “Reading Coffee” (Overland, OL Society)
  • Tansy Rayner Roberts “The Patrician” (Love and Romanpunk, Twelfth Planet Press)
  • Angela Rega “Love In the Atacama or the Poetry of Fleas” (Crossed Genres, CGP)
  • Angela Slatter “The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter” (A Book of Horrors, Jo Fletcher Books)
  • Lucy Sussex “Thief of Lives” (Thief of Lies, Twelfth Planet Press)
  • Kyla Ward “The Kite” (The Land of Bad Dreams, P’rea Press)
  • Kaaron Warren “All You Can Do Is Breathe” (Blood and Other Cravings, Tor)

In addition to the above incredible tales, the volume will include a review of 2011 and a list of recommended stories.

The editors will shortly begin reading for the third volume of The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror.

The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2011 is scheduled for publication in July 2012 and can be pre-ordered at The anthology will be available in hardcover, ebook and trade editions.

E-Book Giveaway

To celebrate the release of the “VIRAL” series onto the Kindle, the books are currently listed at half-price. Four collaborative novellas, five authors, plenty of political thriller action that anyone can sink their teeth into. Links to the books on Amazon can be found in this post.

Also, I’m running a limited promotion here – free .EPUB versions of the four novellas to the first ten folks who put their hands up. All I ask is that the winners consider leaving a rating or review via Amazon, Goodreads or similar. This condition is enforced only by karma and my good wishes, no biggy if you don’t :-)

More info on the series can be found here –

“Viral: Anomaly” – it’s contagious.

“Ifo was the size of a small city, and what it lacked in traffic lights, it made up for in other ways. Corpse-trucks were everywhere, soldiers blocking off the roads as drivers sped the infected remains out of camp. A trio of Red Cross trucks had just arrived, and anyone who could walk was out on the roads, trying to be first in line.

A large group of refugees, brawling over a butchered goat. The fracas had spilled out to block Felix’s way. Soldiers rushed forward, firing M16s into the air. Cursing, Felix put the pick-up into reverse, took another path.

It was just under two miles, but it took Felix almost forty minutes to drive across Ifo. He felt every second, bristled at every pointless delay. His people were dead or dying, and here he was, in a stolen vehicle and playing at spies.

Felix pulled up in front of the weatherboard clinic, left the engine running. The moment he stepped out, he knew that something was wrong.

Apart from the quiet ticking of the pick-up, there was no noise, no movement. The adjacent tent-suburb was eerily quiet, with no coughing, no sign of life. Either the disease had wiped out everyone, or the refugees had the good sense to go to ground.

No soldiers lounging against the front wall of his clinic. The mosquito netting across the doorway was torn down, hanging by one nail now.

Then he saw it, lying just before the door-step. A brass bullet-casing, alone in the dirt.”


Dadaab, Kenya. The UN aid programs have been hijacked from within. People are dying from a preventable disease. A doctor stumbles across a statistical anomaly, one that puts his life in peril.

“Viral: Anomaly” is available via the following links:

“Viral” – It’s Spreading…

A journalist stumbles across a deadly secret. Aid doctors find themselves on the new warfront, where the truth is fluid, and life is cheap. A company man has to make a brutal decision that could affect millions.

Welcome to Viral, a series of political thrillers set all over the globe. The CIA is up to no good, subverting humanitarian aid programs to further its own ends. Five writers explore this theme from different angles, and it’s foot-to-the-floor action.

This series has just ended its period of exclusivity at Barnes and Noble, and these titles are now available on the Kindle. Last month, the lead title got to #2 in the Military category, and reached #23 in the massive Thrillers section. If this sounds like your thing, the stories can be found at the below links:–VIRAL-NOVELLAS-ebook/dp/B007RQU55A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1333839117&sr=8-1

Aurealis Magazine #49 Now Available

The good folks at Aurealis have just released issue #49 into the e-wilds, which contains Sean McMullen’s story “The First Boat”, as well as my own dystopian piece “Rolling for Fetch”. The issue is chock-full of reviews and other goodies, and Adam Duncan’s illustration of my story is just stunning. I couldn’t be happier :-)

The magazine can be found at the following link for now, but it will soon appear on Amazon and other e-markets:

In further good news…

I just sold my story “Rolling for Fetch” to Aurealis Magazine. This will be appearing in issue #49.

“The drive train went underneath the muscle itself, something like the innards of an old clock, a mesh of gears and cogs. Then the winder cranks, one in each leg, protruding between the peroneus longus and the tibialis anterior, reminding the world that anyone mad enough to actually go through with this was not a human now. More a wind-up toy with a death-wish.

Finally, a pair of wheels were connected to the bottom of the rig, hooked up to the drive-train dangling from each bleeding leg. The most popular option was a pneumatic tyre with knobbly grip, one foot in diameter, filled with smart-gel to ward off punctures, magic goop to heal over little nicks and tears.

Good suspension was a must.

When Whip survived this procedure, shook off the inevitable infection, unlearnt the life-long art of walking and earnt his gangdanna, he had the right to call himself a skeg.”

More info about Aurealis Magazine here:

Cover Art Revealed for “Everything is a Graveyard”

Over at Ticonderoga Publications, the cover-art for my upcoming short story collection “Everything is a Graveyard” has just been revealed. This artwork comes courtesy of the talented Jason Paulos, the chap who is also responsible for my “After the World” covers. The astute might notice a pranged Torana, a gun-toting feral, and yes, what appears to be an enormous drop-bear…

“Everything is a Graveyard” comes out in October 2013, and I’m currently doing my best to make sure the fiction within matches this bad-ass cover-art :-) Huge thanks to Russell B Farr for making this all happen (and for the epic title font).

More info here:

“Viral: Anomaly” – on sale now!

Doctor Felix Koehler oversees the vaccination program in Dadaab, Kenya. When the world’s largest refugee camp is plagued with cholera outbreaks, Koehler discovers a murderous conspiracy. Corrupt CIA agents plan to destabilise the African Union by distributing a live virus to certain ethnic groups.

His amateur investigation is noted by those on the take, and hired guns come for him. Koehler is rescued by Hank Strait, a US Marshal investigating the corrupt company men. With no backup and hundreds of people hunting them, the pair must cross Kenya, and try to bring the truth to the world…but will they save lives, or doom millions?

Anomaly has just gone live over at Barnes and Noble. Consider this bad boy officially launched!

and book #1 in the Viral Series ”-30-” (by Steven Savile and Keith R DeCandido) has also gone on sale. This can be found at the following link:


The world is lost to the walking dead, and humanity limps on behind high walls. Two nations squabble over what is left of the United States. The survivors of Gravesend just got drafted into a civil war, and Tamsyn finds herself saddled with the responsibility of command. Can she survive the war for this brutal new America…and does she dare to unleash the ultimate weapon? Is victory worth the horrible price?

Cover art for After the World #5 has just been released on the Black House Comics website, including some other exciting titles about to hit the stands. Keep an eye out for “Terra Magazine”, Australia’s answer to 2000AD. Amongst other awesomeness, this includes my fantasy serial Tusk:

Coming Soon – TUSK

Feet to trample,
Trunk to crush,
Men become Man-slaves,
Or die in the dust.
Look how they tremble,
And bow to the tusk!

fragment of elephant script, age unknown.


Clad in iron, proud and decadent, the elephants rule. The lords of ancient Tusk grind the world beneath their feet. Humanity is in chains. A calf is born, and a slave will rise…

The first chapter of Tusk can be read in issue #1 of Terra Magazine, appearing soon at a newsagent near you. More information can be found here:

(Picture comes courtesy of the talented Rhys James)