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Hey folks!

Just a quick missive to tell you about something cool – on the 27th of February at 8pm (Qld time), I’m going to be the special guest at the weekly Writing Race as run by the lovely folks at the Australian Writers Marketplace Online.

So, if you’re keen, sign up at the website, buckle in and get ready to write your fingers off! I’ve also been told I need to wear a crazy captain’s hat, so I shall do my best to dress up my bald scone. I’ve done this once before and it was great fun, very encouraging environment for us writer-types.

Here are some details. The relevant website is

What is a Writing Race?

A Writing Race is a self-directed, one-hour writing session done in the company of online peers as part of a Forum convened by a Race Captain and moderated by AWM staff. Captains are sometimes Special Guests – successful writers who share their experience and encouragement.

Who can join in?

Anyone can join in the Writing Races. Writing Races are attended by beginner, emerging and established authors. This gives beginner and emerging writers the opportunity to write in the company of leading industry professionals, and provides published authors with support and encouragement to meet their contractual deadlines.

How do I participate?

If you subscribe to AWMonline, log in to your AWMonline account, and go to “Forums” under the “Writing Resources” tab. Click on the current Writing Race (they are labelled by date). If you are a guest, simply click on the home page Forum button and click on the current Writing Race. Tell us what you hope to achieve in your hour of writing. Then when the starting pistol sounds, get writing! After an hour, finish up and let us know how you went.

Do I have to show my writing to everyone?

No, you do your writing in your own private document, just as you always do. The Race Captain will only ask about your word count (or other goals) you achieved during the race. Some Racers like to share their favourite snippet at the end of the race. Racers are all very supportive of each others’ work.

Do I have to be really fast?

No, you can write at your own pace. You might even do some research, scene planning, or editing. We are there to have fun and honour our craft by finding the time to write. Most Racers are pleasantly surprised at how productive they are during a Race.

Who organises the Writing Races?

The Writing Races are organised by Queensland Writers Centre, a not-for-profit organisation that publishes The Australian Writer’s Marketplace and AWMonline as part of our commitment to providing resources and opportunities for writers.

For more information about AWMonline Writing Races, see our blog, follow us on Twitter @AWMonline, or like our Facebook page The Australian Writer’s Marketplace Online. Inquiries please contact

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