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It must be said, social networks have completely ruined my blogging mojo! Having said that, the weekend just gone was too cool to not be noted down on the ole blog [blows away dust and cobwebs].

I was recently fortunate enough to rate a Finalist spot in this year’s Aurealis Awards for the zombie-tastic “After the World: Gravesend”. The good Mrs Fisch and I chootled on over to Sydney town, where we gawked at many things like the blissful Adelaide bumpkins that we are. Once we’d had our fill of skyscrapers, bridges and unfriendly rushing Sydney types, we frocked up and caught up with a bunch of Aussie SF people in the hotel, who were grabbing some tucker before the awards themselves kicked off. It was brilliant to catch up with so many folks (and meet some correspondents for the first time) and it felt like no time had passed since the last time we’d all caught up.

The awards themselves have just been handed on from Fantastic Queensland to the new caretakers, SpecFaction. Wow, what a brilliant job you folks did! A great awards ceremony that everyone seemed to enjoy, formal but relaxed, with lots of laughs and even some shoeless award recipients. Looking at you, Slatter! Was a real honour to share the Best Horror Novel category with Kirstyn McDermott and Trent Jamieson, and a great win for Kirstyn and her stunning breakout novel “Madigan Mine” [standing ovation]. Well done!

Was a great year for local genre fiction, and the full list of winners can be found here: 

Photos of the night can be found here:

2 thoughts on “Aurealis Awards

    1. Cheers Trent! It was one of those happy occasions where any of the possible outcomes would have been equally awesome :-) the new mob put on a fantastic night, hopefully you can get to the next Aurealis Awards mate.

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