Aurealis Awards 2016 Shortlist

I will admit to jumping around and smiling like a loon when I read today’s Aurealis Awards shortlist. My novella “By the Laws of Crab and Woman” (originally published by the fine folks at the Review of Australian Fiction) is a finalist in the Best Fantasy Novella category for 2016.

I share this short-list with many of my friends and heroes, and many gob-smackingly awesome works have rated a berth on the HMS Aurealis 2016. Kudos to the judges, a glass raised to all of my fellow finalists, and a happy fuzzy glow for the healthy state of Australian speculative fiction.

As Molly Meldrum would say, do yourself a favour, and check out my shortlisted story over at Review of Australian Fiction. The relevant issue of RAF can be purchased via this link:

(NOTE: I shared this issue with my fellow ink-scribe Laura Goodin, who critiqued the life out of my story and deserves at least some of the credit for today’s good news!)

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