Anywhere But Goodreads

A nice reader review just landed on Goodreads for a collection I’m very proud to be in – Keith Stevenson’s tome-tastic “Anywhere But Earth”. Reader Dave Versace had this to say about my story:

“Of the rest, I am hard pressed to pick a favourite, but I will mention that “Eating Gnashdal”, Jason Fischer’s horrific vision of a post-human culture, is inventively funny and creepy.”

Thanks Dave! We aim to please :-) the rest of his review can be read here:

The book itself is available from Couer De Lion and is worth every penny. Get onto it!

Ooh, lookie, it’s now on the Kindle. Considering it’s a HUGE slab of book, this is also a good option for the discerning reader. Value for money either way.

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